DNA Depurination

Depurination is a chemical reaction of deoxy purine molucules in which the β-N-glycosidic bond is cleaved hydrolytically releasing a nucleic base, adenine or guanine,. The second product of depurination of deoxyribonucleosides and ribonucleosides is sugar, 2’-deoxyribose and ribose, respectively. More complex compounds containing nucleoside residues, nucleotides and nucleic acids, also suffer from depurination.

Depurination can produce transversion mutations Mechanisms which causes DNA Damage which results in depurination

1. Hydrolysis (Deamination and Depurination)

2. Alkylation

3. Oxidation

4. Radiation Ractions like ultraviolet rays etc

5. Base analogue and intercalating agents.

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