Clinical Neurophysiology

 Clinical neurophysiology is a branch of the neurosciences that investigates neurological disease. Clinical neurophysiologists use investigative techniques to record the electrical properties of neural tissue and muscle to fostering research and disseminating information on all aspects of both normal and abnormal functioning of the nervous system. In order to disseminate reports on the pathophysiology underlying diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system of human patients Clinical trials use neurophysiological.This specialty is primarily involved with the diagnosis of neuromuscular disease, nerve entrapments, epilepsy and ophthalmic disease. However, increasingly it includes more specialist work.

This includes:

  • Intra-operative monitoring of the integrity of the spinal cord during scoliosis surgery.
  • Mapping of the cerebral cortex in epilepsy surgery.
  • Localisation of the sub thalamic nuclei for ablative surgery in Parkinson’s disease and tremor.

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