Case Reports in Cardiology

Cardiology deals with the scientific studies on various types of anomalies related to heart as well as circulatory system. It is also a branch of internal medicine. The aim of cardiological studies covers the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of heart, which includes coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, congenital defects, heart failure etc. The specialists in the field of Cardiology are called cardiologists. There are two types of cardiologists namely, adult cardiologists, who are adequately trained to treat adults and another type is paediatric cardiologists, who are trained to treat children. However, both types of physicians are having the immense importance in both clinical and experimental studies, which they publish in the form of case report. Such case report describes and provides a detail insight into disorders related to heart and thereby, contributes a landmark guidance for other cardiologists, which helps to determine more safe and secure cardiological therapeutics.

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