Breast cancer

 Breast cancer is a malignant tumor starts in the cells of the breast. Brest cancer is almost entirely in women but men also get it, too. The most common type of breast cancers are ductal carcinoma or lobular carcinoma, in these ductal carcinoma is mostly occurred. The tests done to recognize breast cancer are Magnetic Resonance Image( MRI), computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Breast cancer journals deals with the complete study of cancer occured to breast.

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Breast cancer usually starts off in the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply them with milk. A malignant tumor can spread to other parts of the body. A breast cancer that started off in the lobules is known as lobular carcinoma, while one that developed from the ducts is called ductal carcinoma. In the U.S., breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer.

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