Asthma Prevention and Care

Asthma is a long inflammatory disease. It is caused by Air pollution and allergens. Other diseases have the symptoms similar to asthma like foreign body aspiration, tracheal stenosis, etc. Asthma is also induced by many factors: Aspirin induced Asthma: 9% of Asthmatic people are affected by respiratory diseases induced by aspirin. Peole affected by this disease have trouble with there nasal polyps. Nonallergic asthma: It is also known as intrinsic asthma. It often starts in later stage of life and women are more afeected then men. As there is no cure to Asthma but the symptoms can be improved typically.This can be prevented by lowering the tobacco smoke, air pollution or elimimating the exposure to these irritants. Ther are two medications to treat asthma and is generally divided into two classes: Quick-relief medications – It is Used for the treatment of acute symptoms. Long-term control medications- It is used for the prevention of further exacerbation.

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