Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

 Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer is a form of thyroid cancer which has a very poor prognosis due to its aggressive behavior and resistance to cancer treatments.

Anaplastic tumors have a high mitotic rate and lymphovascular invasion.They rapidly invade surrounding tissues (such as the trachea).
Anaplastic thyroid cancer is highly unlikely to be curable either by surgery or by any other treatment modality, and is in fact usually unresectable due to its high propensity for invading surrounding tissues.
Palliative treatment consists of radiation therapy usually combined with chemotherapy.However, with todays technology, new drugs, such as fosbretabulin (a type of combretastatin), bortezomib and TNF-Related Apoptosis Induced Ligand (TRAIL), are being introduced and trialed in clinical labs and human clinical studies.

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