Advanced instrumentation is used for neurosurgery for better surgery. Some advanced instrumentations are Chordae Sizer, Curettes, Elevators, Extension Bars, Manipulation, Osteotomes, Probes, Rasps, Rongeurs, Speculas, suction Tubes, Standard Kerrisons, Specialty Kerrisons, Pneumatic Kairison, Sensation Micro Neurosurgical Instruments, TREND Transnasal Neurosurgical Instruments, Krisht Transsphenoidal Neurosurgical Instrument Set, Krisht Microvascular Neurosurgical Instrument Set, Al Mefty Skull Base Neurosurgical Instrument Set, Wire Cutting Scissors, Bayonet Style Microdisectomy Neurosurgical Instruments, Aesculap Spine Retraction System and Diamond Knives.

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