Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia is an open access journal that deals and describes the new innovative practices as well the study in the respective fields:

    â–ºLocal Anesthesia

    â–ºSurgical Anesthesia

    â–ºClinical Anesthesia

    â–ºRegional Anesthesia

    â–ºObstetric Anesthesia

    â–ºGeneral Anesthesia

    â–ºDental Anesthesia

    â–ºSpinal Anesthesia

    â–ºPediatric Anesthesia

    â–ºAnesthesia Practice

    â–ºAnesthetic Administration

    â–ºOpioid analgesics

    â–ºAnalgesic activity

    â–ºAnalgesic drugs

    â–ºTopical analgesic

    â–ºNarcotic analgesics

    â–ºPain Management

    â–ºPerioperative Care

    â–ºPerioperative Medicine

    â–ºCritical Care