Yan Ni

Yan Ni
Assistant Professor, Cancer Epidemiology Program, University of Hawaii Cancer Center,USA.


I am currently working in the epidemiology program of university of Hawaii Cancer Center as an assistant professor. I have ten years of training and experience in metabolomics, spanning from conducting animal experiments, sample processing and instrumental analysis, to data analysis and software development. Particularly, since 2006, I have been involved in more than twenty national and international metabolomics projects on different diseases and mainly performed data analysis and interpretation. I also developed an automated data analysis pipeline for MS-based metabolomics studies, which integrates raw data processing, accurate metabolite identification and quantitation, interactive visualization, and advanced statistical analysis. My current research focus is (1) to develop and implement bioinformatics tools for metabolomics data processing, quality control, data analysis and interpretation; (2) to analyze the associations between metabolic alterations and the development of obesity, diabetes or cancers.

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