Arun K Upadhyay

Arun K Upadhyay Arun K Upadhyay
Research Associate, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado Denver, USA.


2003 - 2005 Biotechnology Scholarship, DBT, India 2005 Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Biotechnology, All India Rank: 3rd, IITs, India 2005 - 2007 Junior Research Fellow, CSIR, India 2007 - 2010 Senior Research Fellow, CSIR, India 2012 Innovation in Nanotechnology Award, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

Research Interest

My research interest includes: 1. Large-scale protein production, Downstream protein purification, Process development and scale-up, Analytical Development, Assays for in-process monitoring and testing, Pre-formulation development, biophysical characterization, stability and aggregation evaluation, and formulation development of therapeutically relevant proteins (enzymes, growth factors and monoclonal antibodies). 2. Development of stable and sustained delivery systems for macromolecules and small molecules. 3. Evaluation of ocular pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of small and biomacromolecules drug candidates. 4. Development of protein and nucleic acid based therapeutics. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE