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“Global Environment, Health and Safety” is an open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal that focusses on the promulgation of research studies pertaining to the development of improved health and safety guidelines and environmental policies for the control of adverse environmental impacts on global environment. The journal strives to inculcate research practices in environmental and occupational modelling, risk science, energy yielding technologies, ergonomics, safety and accident prevention for the betterment of mankind. The journal is an excellent platform for publicizing technological and research innovations in the field of environmental biotechnology and nanotechnology, environmental and occupational toxicology, biostatistics and epidemiology.

The scope of the journal includes studies related to public health issues, community health management, and promotion of practices for improving health standards and food safety guidelines. The journal also emphasizes on the publication of recent developments in the field of environmental sciences and environmental engineering, with special emphasis on prevention of water pollution, waste water treatment and reuse, monitoring and controlling air pollution, reasons, consequences and preventive measures for control of noise and radiation pollution, solid waste and industrial waste management. Articles showcasing results of case analysis and propositions effective in controlling Environmental and Occupational Chemical exposure, toxic waste exposure and heat stress are welcome.

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Global Health

Global Health refers to the health of the people of Globe or Earth. It includes all type of health issues of population of whole world. Global Health can be measured by the effect of various global diseases and their treatment and prevention for the sake of people of earth. Nowadays many important health associated agencies are developed for the sake of Global Health ie. Sustainable Development Goals, World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, World Food Programme, Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Health Issues

Global Health Issues includes the medicine for treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases, Public Health for emphasises the people’s health , Epidemiology to identify the diseases and their risk factor and cause of health problems and Economics helps to calculate health resources ,their cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit approaches for people of Earth.

There are other type of social sciences like Sociology, Developmental Studies, Psychology, Anthropology and different Environmental laws which helps know about the Global Health Issues.

Public Health

Public Health is deals with the science of all the measures taken for protecting the communities and populations and improving their health measures locally and globally for improved health, disease prevention, finally through healthy life styles, aslo identification of infectious diseases, their control, prevention and treatment. Public Health also takes responsibility for improvement of health and safety of communities; through education, research on injury and diease prevention and policy making.
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Environmental Health and Protection

Environmental Health and protection refers the protection against the factors affecting the Environment, which may affect human health adversely and for long-term human health environmental quality and ecological balance is essential ecological balance is essential whether that may be natural or man-made environment type.

Environmental Health Factors

Environment Health addresses all the human health influenced by the environment, means the air, soil, water present in our nature and all the physical, chemical and biological features of our surrounding. Environmental Health encompasses the assessment, prevention and control of those factors which directly or indirectly affects Health.

An artificial or built environment includes all the physically made structures like school, colleges, offices, farms, buildings, automobiles and industries and many other things like waste management land use practices etc. Consequences of human alteration to the natural environment, s encompasses the assessment

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