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Why Do They (abort) Down Syndrome Fetus Inside the Womb?

Othman Alfleesy*

Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aden University, Aden, South Yemen

*Corresponding Author:
Othman Alfleesy
Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine
Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Aden University
Aden city, South Yemen
Tel: 00967770548026
Fax: 009672361894
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: April 30, 2018; Accepted Date: May 02, 2018; Published Date: May 10, 2018

Citation: Alfleesy O (2018) Why Do They (abort) Down Syndrome Fetus Inside the Womb? J Genet Disord. 2:4.

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As a result of Ruth Marcus op-ed in the Washington post

Down syndrome is a congenital chromosomal anomaly, which had been described by a British physician named Jon Langdon Down, in 1862 and published and documented in 1866. The condition occurs when there is one extra copy of chromosome 21 in cells.

Dr Jerome Lejeune, a French scientist made the discovery that down syndrome was the result of chromosomal number, (trisomy 21), in 1959. Unfotunately after the advancement of science, the doctors were able to diagnose Down syndrome (in the womb) during pregnancy, and they have been decided to abort and kill the fetus. Since that time without a reasonable cause they continued to abort women having Down syndrome fetuses. The scientists Jerome had been shocked after this terrible and immoral act, he reacted humanely with this immoral status. That is why he had delivered a powerful speech, which was more important than the lost Nobel Prize.

It is impossible and immoral to be accepted that the discovery of Jerome was a helping factor to abort and kill the fetuses in their wombs. Dr Jerome had continued struggling, fighting against abortion of Down syndrome fetuses with a doctrine and determination till his death in 1994. Now his widow madam Jerome has grasped the slogan and continuing this battle. The president of Jerome Lejeune foundation in USA, Mr. David G. Lejeune, plays an important and vital role in defending the rights of those blessed Kids.

I have many questions as a doctor, some of these questions are:

• The God prohibits this crime (killing others after breathing of spirit) in all religions.

• What is the aim and benefit to abort l a Down syndrome fetus?

• What are the harms of these blessed kids in comparison to millions of psychopathic individuals, killers, and the leaders of corruption, where the societies are suffering from them, and these killers are more dangerous than Down syndrome individuals.

Give me one person having Down syndrome had committed a crime, or planned to commit a crime or bank robbery. And how many persons with Down syndrome have committed suicide, since the discovery of this syndrome?

• Why do you interfere in the lives of others as long as they are happy more than you?

• Why are some mothers accepting this immoral act, violence on their bodies, and facilitate this crime to occur inside their wombs? Did they feel with a comfortable conscience?

• Why did doctors do this disgraceful act? Where did doctors have lost the Hippocratic Oath related to abortion? Hippocrates stated:

(I will not give to a woman a pessary (abortive remedy) to cause abortion). Who gives doctors or some mothers the right to carry out this crime?

• Why others mourn the lives of Down syndrome persons? Remember that the blessed kids are living with the God that is why they are happy.

Finally, please listen to Stephen’s frank powerful speech. (He knows his life more than others).

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