The Effect of Mother and Newborn Early Skin-To-Skin Contact on the Duration of Separation and Expulsion of the Placenta

Objective: To identify the effect of mother and newborn early skin-to-skin contact (SSC) on the duration of separation and expulsion of the placenta.

Methods: In a randomized controlled clinical trial, (28 parturient women) equally divided into two groups. Early mother and newborn SSC was applied to the experimental group, while no intervention was done to the control group. The study has been conducted in the delivery room at King Fahd Hospital of the University, AL Khobar, and Saudi Arabia.

Results: The results of this study demonstrated a statistically significant positive effect of early SSC in shortening the duration of the placental delivery. The median duration of placental delivery was (308.5 seconds) and (570 seconds) in the experimental and control groups respectively; the difference was statistically significant as P value=0.042*.

Conclusion: The significant difference between-groups favoring SSC mothers to have shorter duration time of placental delivery. Such difference should be taken into account in routine care after delivery.

Author(s): Hadeer Yahya Al-Morbaty, Asma Abdulhamid Ashmauey and Ahlam Abdullah Al-Ghamdi

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