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Religious Coping and Family Caregivers of Cancer, Cardiac and Kidney Patients

Family caregivers refer to informal caregivers who are unpaid family members, friends or neighbors who provide care to an individual with chronic illness who needs assistance to manage different tasks. Study was conducted to investigate how family caregivers cope with the entire burden they passing through during caregiving of their ailing family members. Sample was consisted of 300 caregivers from different hospitals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 100 caregivers of age above 20 years from each group i.e. cancer; cardiac and kidney patients were selected. Purposive sampling technique was used to collect research data. Graded questionnaire such as Brief Cope Scale, was used. Findings revealed that religion coping strategy is most commonly being used by family caregivers. Results of the current study are good reference for the families of caregivers as well as clinicians to understand the situation through which caregivers pass and help them overcome their turmoil to maintain health, life style and finances.

Author(s): Shamsa Riaz and Dr. Abdur Rashid

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