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Psychological Effects and Behavioral Impact of Smog on High School Youths

This study intends to investigate the psychological consequences and behavioral impact of smog on high school students, focusing on four major factors. First, how students evaluate or react emotionally to increased air pollution. Secondly, how the smog affects day-to-day behavior such as outdoor activities. Thirdly, how the smog affects social behavior such as interpersonal behaviors. Finally, how the smog affects study behavior and academic performance. Data were collected in a survey conducted on senior high school students in a heavy polluted region in North China (n=214) and a non-polluted region in South China (n=214). The results of this study indicate that there is a significant association between smog and behavior of high school students, and that air quality affects many facets of student life such as their health, social behavior, mood, attitude, outdoor activities and academic performance.

Author(s): Kenneth X. Xu and Xin Zhou

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