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Ecological Public Health Approach for Global Climate Change: A New Perspective of Transdisciplinarity

The world’s climate is now changing dangerously fast with its global impacts and devastating effects that will affect people and environment in many ways severely and catastrophically, which is the biggest global public health threats of the 21st century as the consequential effects of our human-induced disturbances to the eco-environment, biodiversity and natural ecosystems functioning, in addition to the food production systems. The current global climate change signifies the alteration of earth’s biophysical and ecological systems being disturbed at the planetary scale. This paper illustrates the impacts of public health arising from this environmental crisis of global climate change, together with the complexity of epidemiological transition to the significance of the environmental conceptualization of health that leads to immense challenges forced on the ecological dimensions for healthful practices and choices of our lifestyle behaviour in support of sustainable global interdependence. The dynamics of ecological public health approach is the ultimate focus for this transitional need to make positive movements and mitigations to counter the anthropogenic activities through a new perspective of transdisciplinarity in education by reconceptualizing a culture for health as the ‘Trans- Reality’ towards sustainable ways of living.

Author(s): Alice ML Li

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