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Comparing Evidence-Based Practice and Current Practice Patterns of Physical and Occupational Therapists across the Globe after Carpal Tunnel Release

Introduction: The adoption of evidence-based practice (EBP) principles is ad-vacated by many professional organizations. This survey investigated the cur-rent practice patterns of prescribed interventions following carpal tunnel release by physical and occupational therapists.

Purpose of the study: The aims of this investigation is to assess the current utilization of physical and occupational interventions after carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgery and compare with the evidence described in the literature.

Methods: An Internet-based survey with 15 items was designed to address the study aims outlined above using the Google database online electronic survey program. Current knowledge and scientific evidence, systematic reviews (Meta-analyzes and randomized or quasi-randomized controlled trials studies) for the post-surgical approach after CTR were summarized. The questionnaire results were compared to the scientific evidence.

Results: A great variability in the intervention after CTR by occupational and physical therapists of 21 different countries is described in the literature.

Conclusion: There is not enough evidence to support a superior treatment approach for occupational and physiotherapist after CTR and there exists a large variability in the approach after CTR by therapists.

Author(s): Cantero Téllez R, Kristin Valdes, Carlos Castaño, Santiago García Orza, Villafane JH

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