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A Relationship between Learning Beliefs/Strategies and Academic Performance among Fukuoka Dental College Students

Background: With increasing student diversification and learning demands, education in accordance with the abilities and aptitudes of students is essential for higher education to fulfill its expected roles and appropriately respond to social expectations. However, at present, little information is available on classifying the abilities and characteristics of individual students.

Methods: Items related to learning beliefs and strategies were added to a questionnaire distributed at orientation to examine their relationships with academic performance.

Results: Learning beliefs and strategies based on “emphasis on thinking process” and the “monitoring strategy” demonstrated correlations with the learning achievements of dental students.

Conclusions: Among the scales for learning beliefs and strategies used in this study, “emphasis on thinking process” and the “monitoring strategy” appear to be useful for understanding the abilities and characteristics of students.

Author(s): Uchida Ryuji,Kodama Jun,Maruta Michito,Okamoto Fujio,Kawaguchi Tomohiro5,Ohgi Kimiko and Ishikawa Hiroyuki

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