Zhenhua Ma

Zhenhua Ma
Associate Professor, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, China.


Dr Zhenhua Ma graduated from Flinders University, South Australia in 2012 (PhD in Aquaculture). His current appointments at South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute are as follows: Associate Professor in Aquaculture & Biotechnology; Deputy Director of Tropical Aquaculture Research and Development Center. His research interest includes: Fish biology - Research efforts have included ontogenetic diet shifts in larval fish, fish feeding behavior under captivity, fish cannibalism, and bioenergetics modeling; Aquaculture - Research interests concern pond fertilization theory and practice, green-water aquaculture, water quality management, fish nutrition, selective breeding in fish and shrimps, polyploidy induction, and fish farming in tanks, cages, and ponds.

Research Interest

1) Fish biology and physiology; 2) Larval fish aquaculture; 3) Fish and shellfish aquaculture.