Zhao Xin

Zhao Xin
Director, Behavior Rehabilitation Training Research Institute, Department of Psychology, Northwest Normal University, China


Zhao Xin, Associate Professor of Northwest Normal University, Tutor for graduate, PhD. I was born in March, 1985. I am interested in the plasticity and neural mechanisms of cognitive function, measurement and evaluation of cognition and emotion, the mechanism of emotion regulation, the change law of between individual cognitive function and emotion under the condition of aerospace environment. I now serve as the director of Behavior Rehabilitation Training Research Institute at Department of Psychology, Northwest Normal University. In addition, I am the member of Emotional Regulation Research Center in Beijing Normal University. I was selected as LongYuan youth innovative talent in 2014, and I was awarded PhD Young Scholar of Distinction of Ministry of Education and won the grand award as outstanding student of Baosteel Education Funds in 2011. Now I preside over more than 10 projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, Humanity and Social Sciences Research Project conducted by the Ministry of Education in China, the open areas of cognitive neuroscience and learning research in state key laboratory.

Research Interest

Human Performance in Space, Applied Cognitive Psychology


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