Yusuf Bozkurt

Yusuf Bozkurt
Professor, Dr. Iskenderun Technical University, Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology, Department of Aquaculture, Turkey.


Yusuf Bozkurt researches deal with conservation of fish gametes, reproductive biology of fish brood stock and also aquaculture of potential new species. He has authored a number of referred articles mainly on cryopreservation of fish semen. In addition, he conducts many research projects in the field of aquaculture cooperating with various freshwater and marine fish farms. His scientific activity in the field of aquaculture was internationally recognized and invited to editorial boards of international peer-review journals. Also, he supervised a number of international and national research projects. In addition, he has been involved Food and Agriculture Cost Action FA 1205.

Research Interest

Conservation of Aquatic Genetic Resources; Cryopreservation Fish Semen; Aquaculture of Freshwater and Marine Fish Species; Brood Stock Management; Induced Spawning of Potentially Important Fish Species.