Winston Garira

Winston Garira


I am a active researcher in Biomathematics on the African continent currently based in South Africa. My interest in Biomathematics started in 2002. This has led to a number of research projects most of which are still ongoing. Currently, I am working on multiscale modelling of infectious disease systems. Infectious disease systems typically involve processes at multiple scales, from gene to molecules to cell to tissue or organ or organism and the environment. Studies of any single scale are not sufficient to describe the complete disease system. Multiscale modeling is becoming an increasingly important approach to studying disease systems. The multiscale modeling research for my research involves formulating mathematical models intended to trace the life cycle of infectious pathogens such HIV, MtB etc. over three scales which are: within-cell scale (which involves the replication and persistence of pathogens within cells), between cells scale and the between-human hosts scale. IMy research involves developing tractable predictive multiscale models of infectious disease transmission dynamics in which within-host processes (intracellular and intercellular) and infection dynamics interact both ways through inoculum size and reinfection in the initial infection stages. The overall aim of the research is to develop multiscale models of infection and treatment in which events inside of infected cells are modeled as well spread of pathogen among cells including the transmission of pathogen between human hosts. Until recently, mathematical modelling of infectious diseases has focused on single scale (immunological models, epidemiological models, organ level, etc.). This is despite the fact that infectious diseases are multi-scale, multi-science systems which bridge a wide variety of temporal and spatial scales. Infectious diseases modelers are increasing turning to multi-scale modelling. The central idea in multi-scale modelling is to divide a modelling problem such as an infectious disease system like HIV/AIDS into a family of sub-models that exist at different scales and then attempt to quantitatively study a significant portion of the problem at these scales while fundamentally linking the sub-models across these scales. However, this divide-and-rule strategy poses new challenges in terms of strategies for problem decomposition and solution strategy, scale separation and coupling, integration and coupling of mechanistic and phenomenological models and validation of multiscale models. We define multi-scale modelling as a modelling methodology in which a collection of partial models or sub-models are integrated using a wide range of integration frameworks. Currently, much of multi-scale modelling of infectious diseases concentrates on the lower scales with models of genes, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, signaling pathways and networks, metabolic pathways and networks molecular integrations at the cellular level. My current multi-scale modelling research provides a platform for linking these lower-scale level models with higher-scale models for understanding infectious diseases.

Research Interest

Biomathematics, Infectious disease, epidemiological models, genes, proteins, carbohydrates

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