Sunil K. Khare

Sunil K. Khare Sunil K. Khare
Professor, Enzyme and Microbial Biochemistry Laboratory Department of Chemistry IIT Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi- 110016, India.


Prof. Sunil K. Khare is presently working as Professor of Biochemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He received his PhD from IIT Delhi, carried out Postdoctoral Research at National Food Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan and has been DBT visiting scientist at Northern Regional Research Laboratory, Illinois USA. He has been working in the area of solvent-tolerant and halophilic class of extremophiles and their enzymes; especially understanding structural and molecular basis of their stability. The applications of these extremozymes in various biotechnological and industrial bioprocesses have far reaching implications. His current noteworthy contributions have been in differential proteomics of solvent-tolerant and halophilic class of extremophiles and deciphering nanotoxicity mechanisms in microbial systems. The work has led to 122 publications with high impact, 2 patents, 8 book chapters to his credit, besides large number of conference publications. A large number of culture deposits in Microbial Type Culture Collection, India and GenBank submissions to National Center for Biotechnology, USA have also been made. The h-index for his work is 28 with total of 2888 citations. He has guided 14 PhD and 36 master?s students. Several awards have been conferred to him and noted amongst them are United Nations Amway award, Fellow United Nations University, Fellow International Forum on Industrial Bioprocesses, France, Fellow Biotech Research Society of India and Member National Academy of Science, India. He is General Secretary of The Biotech Research Society, India, Joint Secretary of Association of Microbiologists of India, member of many National committees and professional societies including DBT committees, DST task force, Academic council member of AMU, Central University of Haryana, IP University and visiting faculty for University of Blaise Pascal, France.

Research Interest

MICROBIAL BIOCHEMISTRY Extremophiles and Extremozymes: Screening, isolation and characterization of extremophiles. Extremozymes: Purification of enzymes and characterization of their novel genes to understand molecular basis of stability and their proteomics. APPLIED ENZYMOLOGY Immobilization/ modification of enzymes and cells; in bioremediation, food processing, solid-state fermentation, removal of anti-nutritional factors/detoxification, bioconversions and by-product utilization. NANOTOXICOLOGY & NANOBIOCATALYSIS Interactions of nanoparticles with microbial cells and microbial diversity (thereof): effect on membrane, interaction with cellular proteins and DNA and subsequent changes in proteome profiles. Use of nanoparticles and high surface matrix for enzyme immobilization to develop effective biocatalysts. PROTEOMICS Proteomic profiling of halophiles, solvent-tolerant extremophiles Investigation of proteome profiles of microorganisms in response to ionic liquids, nanoparticles, solvent stress.