Prof. Jose M. Guisan

Prof. Jose M. Guisan Prof. Jose M. Guisan
Professor,Institute of Catalysis. Spanish Research Council. CSIC. Campus UAM-CSIC. C/ MARIE CURIE 2 28049 Madrid, Spain.


Prof. Guisan obtained a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). He is now full Professor at the Institute of Catalysis. CSIC. Spain. His work is mainly related to the ENGINEERING OF ENZYME BIOCATALYSTS. He is author of 390 scientific publications. He has a H index of 59 (SCOPUS) and 69 (GOOGLE SCHOLAR). He is inventor of more than 40 patens and has supervised more than 40 Ph.D. Thesis. He has edited 2 editions of the book ENZYME AND CELL IMMOBILIZATION from John Wiley and Sons. He is editor of a number of international journals.

Research Interest

i.- Enzyme Engineering (purification, immobilization, stabilization of industrial enzymes), ii.- Engineering of Enzyme Biotransformations: a.- Fine Chemistry (peptide and antibiotic synthesis, asymmetric enzyme catalysis, etc.) b.- Food chemistry (lactose hydrolysis, functional ingredients, etc) c.- Analytic chemistry ( enzymes, antibodies, DNA probes,etc.). d.- Energy (synthesis of biofuels)