Namita Kumari

Namita Kumari
Assistant Professor,College of Medicine Howard University, Washington, DC, USA


She is graduated from MS University of Baroda, India, with M.S. in Biochemistry followed by M.Phil in Biotechnology from Delhi University, India and Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from MS University of Baroda. Subsequently, She moved to United States, and pursued her interest in molecular mechanism of genetic diseases by working on muscular dystrophy at Children?s National Medical Center Washington DC. In 2010 she joined Center for Sickle cell at Howard University to pursue her interest in infectious disease. Since joining Howard University, she have been involved in several projects conducted at the Sickle Cell Center, specifically, but not limited to, examining the role of human cell cycle kinase cdk2 and protein phosphatase 1 in HIV-1 transcription; study of the mechanisms of hypoxic response in sickle cell disease; study of complication of sickle cell disease such as pulmonary hypertension and protective mechanism from HIV infection in sickle cell disease. She intend to advance her scientific skills and utilize her training and expertise in studying genetic and infectious diseases to improve the molecular understanding and diagnosis of various diseases and finding appropriate drug therapies for them.

Research Interest

molecular mechanism of genetic diseases, genetic and infectious diseases and drug therapies