Matthew David Dovel

Matthew David Dovel
President and Founder,International Suicide Prevention Scientist in Psychology Las Vegas, NV USA


In the late 80?s Matthew Dovel, scientist in human behavioral modification specializing in advanced neuropsychology, started his research on preventing suicide. He has headed an international suicide prevention organization since 2006, and has made amazing advancements in developing new treatments for mental disorders that trigger a spontaneous remission. These new treatments are copyrighted, and trademarked in a system called Nu-Rekall®. As Nu-Rekall® systems are noninvasive and nonmedical, they can be delivered either by a facilitator, through self-help and/or covertly. Eventually, these new advancements have the potential to change the consciousness, or focus, of humanity. Nu-Rekall® systems are quick, easy to learn, permanent, and only require a singular application.

Research Interest

Behavioral modification, abstract mind science, mind mapping, neuropsychology, quantum science.