Marek K. Dobke

Marek K. Dobke
Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of California, San Diego, USA


Dr. Marek Dobke is a professor of plastic surgery, mentor, researcher, international author, editor and speaker. Born in Poland he graduated from the Medical Academy in Gdansk in 1974. He is Board Certified in plastic surgery in both the United States and Poland. He has developed a large practice in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, with a special interest and clinical expertise in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. As Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at UCSD School of Medicine he trains residents and inspires medical students to become plastic surgeons. His research interests include the physiology and pathology of healing processes, scientific foundations and evidence-based aesthetic surgery, research in biomaterials, and recently applications of stem-cell based technologies for plastic surgery. His latest publication “Single-Stage Reconstruction of Achilles Tendon and Overlying Tissue with the Extended Termporoparietal-Galeal Flap” follows the remarkable success story 20+ years later from an Achilles tendon repair.

Research Interest

My research is focused on mechanisms of inflammation and healing, advances and outcomes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with specific emphasis on new technologies in plastic surgery and their implementation into plastic surgery. In addition, I led the team pursuing telemedicine related projects and implementing telemedicine based wound care programs, linking numerous clinical community entities with expert care available at the University setting. 1. Biomaterials/Breast Implants 2. Physiology and Pathology of Healing Processes 3. Scientific Foundations for Evidence-Based Aesthetic Surgery 4. Telemedicine for Chronic Wounds 5. Applications of Stem-Cell Based Technologies for Plastic Surgery

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