María Cruz López Díaz

María Cruz López Díaz
Spanish Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) as a R&D, Specialist at the Animal Reproduction Department, Spain


Maríaruz López Díaz graduated in Veterinary Medicine at School of Veterinary, UCM, Spain with a Master´s degree in Endocrinology and Reproduction from The School of Veterinary Medicine, U-W Madison and received her PhD in Veterinary Sciences from USCompostela (Spain) 1995. In 1992 as a Researcher in the Dairy Department she was involved in trials looking at the effects of different stressful conditions on reproductive performance. CIAM, La Coruña (Spain). Current position since 2010 as a Researcher in the Department of Animal Reproduction (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias (INIA Madrid - Spain), Dr Lopez-Diaz is involved on germline technologies for avian germplasm preservation and Avian Transgenics. As a Visiting researcher at Salk Institute (La Jolla San Diego USA) in 2014, she worked on novel technologies for primordial germ cells in avian. Other position from 2003 to 2010 the researcher joined the Spanish Chief Veterinary Office, working at the Central Veterinary Laboratory.

Research Interest

Dr. Lopez-Diaz?s research interests are focused on the understanding of stem cell biology, and tissue regeneration. During the last few years, she has concentrated on studying the molecular basis implicated in the culture of blastodermal and primordial germ cells in the avian embryo and the differentiation of stem cells into various tissues. She pursues the establishment of an Avian Transgenics unit with two main purposes: development of transgenic models for different research uses and the production of avian biofactories for recombinant pharmaceuticals in egg white. Besides, the ultimate goal of her research is to apply this knowledge towards the development of stem cell based therapies in Regenerative Medicine.