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........Welcome Note from Editor in Chief.......

I am now delighted that Insights in Reproductive Medicine has started Open Access Journal in January 2017. Insights in Reproductive Medicine is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that includes original research articles, review papers, and case reports on a broad range of subjects related to the female/male reproductive system. I believe that our journal is making a progress. Currently, about few articles have been published and yet to release the inaugural issue April, 2017. A number of excellent original papers and review papers have been published so far, and we are sure that our journal plays an important role among the many journals in the field of reproductive medicine and biology, even if it is only a small part of the whole. However, the number of submissions did not increase in these few months.
We are afraid that Insights in Reproductive Medicine may not be well known in other countries. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is to spread the awareness of Reproductive Medicine and sexual biology, and for further development of the journal, we decided that our journal becomes an Open Access Journal from January 2017. Open access publishing was also supported by most of the members in many societies for Reproductive Medicine. We hope that the number of not only submissions but also full-text downloads will increase greatly after becoming an Open Access Journal. In addition, we will take efforts for many researchers and clinicians to have a high interest in the original and review articles published in Insights in Reproductive Medicine, hopefully resulting in the increase in submissions from all over the world. Our emerging role is to present cutting-edge information as an international opinion leader in the field of reproductive medicine.
It is a pleasure to invite you to contribute a review or an original research article to Insights in Reproductive Medicine. Authors and readers with their interest in reproductive medicine are welcome. We would appreciate it if you could refer Insights in Reproductive Medicine to your colleagues and other contacts in the field. I welcome submissions not only from our membership, but also from non-members around the world. I will work hard toward the achievement of our goals together with new editors.
We all look forward to receiving submissions from all over the world. We wish to assist in promoting and exposure of high quality scientific achievements and intellectual input of scientists. We invite authors from all over the globe to contribute to this new journal. I wish to encourage more contributions from the scientific community and industry practitioners to ensure a continued success of the journal. We also welcome comments and suggestions that could improve the quality of the journal.

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