Lawrence R. Zukerberg

Lawrence R. Zukerberg Lawrence R. Zukerberg
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA


Dr. Zukerberg has expertise in gastrointestinal, hematological, and frozen section pathology. He is the Principal Investigator with a research program focused on studying the biology and biochemistry of a novel gene, Cables that interacts with cell cycle control proteins including, CDK2, p53, beta-catenin, mTOR and is a novel cell cycle regulator and tumor suppressor gene. Cables expression is lost in many primary human cancer and it loss can prolong the life of stem cells in some mouse organs. Some of the research projects of Dr. Zukerberg include studying the relationship of Cables to cell cycle control proteins, generating and studying Cables mutant mice, and determining the pathways involved in Cables cell growth regulation. Other recent projects have included identification of cyclin D1 as a marker of mantle cell lymphoma and understanding specific reactive conditions that mimic lymphoma.

Research Interest

Dr. Zukerberg, have recently cloned a novel protein, Cables, which maps to human chromosome 18q and inhibits growth of cells in culture and tumor formation in animal models. His studies defines a novel target for the deletions commonly seen on chromosome 18q. Ultimately, these studies will lay the foundation for new therapeutic approaches.