Jose Antonio Rodriguez

Jose Antonio Rodriguez
National Institute of Agricultural Research and Technology and Food (I.N.I.A), Environment Department, Spain


Dr. Jose Antonio Rodriguez is a biologist (UAM) that received the Ph.D. degrees in Science from School of Forest Engineering (UPM) in 2001. Currently he is civil servant of Spanish government since 2008 in Department of Environment of Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (Spain). His main research interests are environmental soil science, soil pollution sources and geostatistics. Their research projects are focused on the study of contaminants in soil (as heavy metals) and the edaphic parameters including geostatistical techniques and analysis spatial distribution to evaluate its environmental impact related to land used, agricultural practices, or anthropogenic activities. He published over 40 papers in recognized scientific journal since 2006, and has contributed numerous presentations in national and international conferences, works with approximately 820 citations to date. In the last five years he has revised more than 150 manuscripts for over 60 SCI journals. He has been a member of several national societies, as dose editorial board of Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Plant Chemistry and Ecophysiology

Research Interest

Environmental Pollution, Plant bioindicator, Heavy Metals, Soil pollution, Spatial Analysis, Geostatistics, Environmental Impact Assessment