Joao Pedro Chambel Martins

Joao Pedro Chambel Martins
Research Scientist, MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, Peniche, Portugal.


Research scientist at the MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre ESTM Politécnico de Leiria Peniche, Portugal, invited assistant professor of School of Tourism and Maritime Technology (ESTM) from Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, of Technological Specialization Course of Aquaculture and Fisheries. Team member of several national and international research projects on aquaculture, marine biotechnology and marine conservation. Team member of several projects (services to companies), to development of new products from aquaculture and fishkeeping.

Research Interest

His current research interests are the freshwater and marine ornamental aquaculture (namely fish and cnidarian) and the use of aquaculture tools for the sustainable production of the high value-added biomolecules from marine organisms.