Gautam R. Ullal

Gautam R. Ullal
Associate Professor, American University of Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), St. Maarten, West Indies


Dr. Gautam Ullal completed his medical degree from St. John?s Medical College Bangalore in the year 1979, followed by postgraduate psychiatry residency and training in neurology from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, NIMHANS Bangalore India. Subsequently, he obtained his PhD from Department of Neurosurgery at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan in 1988. His primary field of research has been epilepsy. His investigations have dealt with molecular biology, neural network modeling of kindling and epilepsy, ?Hot Water Epilepsy? and novel therapeutic approaches for seizure suppression and control. His other equally strong passion has been teaching neuroscience and psychiatry. In his thirty-five years of medical-school teaching he has used traditional lecture-styles, problem-based active-learning as well as the systems-approach. He first commenced his teaching career at Ramaiah Medical College in Bangalore, India in 1982 and pursued it further in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada where he taught undergraduate science, medical students and post-graduate neurology residents at the Mc.Master University-Michael G Degroote School of Medicine for over a decade. He subsequently worked as Director of Neuroscience, Systems and Diseases and Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Associate Professor Neuroscience Mind and Behavior at Medical University of Americas, Nevis-West Indies for a period of 3 years. Besides teaching and research in the field of neuroscience to the medical school and University students majoring in science he has also been actively involved for over a decade in the Canadian National and International ?Brain Bee? activities for the high school students organized by the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) in various capacities. He has received several research and medical education related awards and international peer-reviewed publications of research papers and book-chapters. He is on the Editorial Boards of many journals in neurology, psychiatry and medical biology. He has been teaching neuroscience in the department of Neuroscience and Physiology in American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Sint Maarten since November 2016.

Research Interest

molecular biology, neural network modeling of kindling and epilepsy, neuroscience, psychiatry