Francesco Secundo

Francesco Secundo Francesco Secundo
Research Scientist, Institute of Chemistry of Molecular Recognition, CNR Via Mario Bianco 9, 20131 Milano. Italy.


Francesco Secundo received his Laurea in Biological Science from the University of Milan in 1992. This was followed by post-laurea studies at the University of Georgia in the US (1994) and at the Institute of Chemistry of Molecular Recognition (1995) where he obtained a permanent position as Research Scientist. Since the beginning of his career he has been studying enzymes, developing enzyme formulations for organic synthesis purposes especially in non-aqueous media (organic solvents and ionic liquids). These objectives are pursued through studies of enzyme activity, stability and conformation.

Research Interest

Enzyme immobilization applied for the preparation of biosensors and biofuel cells Enzyme in non-conventional media (especially ionic liquids) Enzyme for synthetic purposes of industrially interesting compounds