Farah Idali

Farah Idali
Reproductive Immunology Research Center, Avicenna Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


Farah Idali was born in 1961 in Tehran, Iran. She did her school studies in Tehran and then continued her university studies in Stockholm, Sweden, where she performed her undergraduate studies in Laboratory science at Karolinska Institute. She then continued her graduate studies toward a PhD. Degree in clinical Immunology at the department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute. Her PhD. Thesis focused on immune responses in sarcoidosis. After graduation, Farah launched her carrier as a researcher in Tehran where she continued her research in reproductive immunology. She has supervised PhD and MSc student projects in immunology of spontaneous recurrent abortion. Her research interests lie in the area of reproductive immunology ranging from in vitro studies on T cells, cytokines and regulatory T cells to cell based immunotherapy of recurrent abortion. Farah enjoys activities like hiking, climbing and travelling.


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