Dr Thomas Ryzlewicz

Dr Thomas Ryzlewicz Dr Thomas Ryzlewicz
Director Via Medis Dialysis center, Germany


Age of 68 years, born in West-Berlin, Germany. Study of Medicine at Free University, Berlin. Serious mechanical background. During the clinical part of the study, dialysis as an important treatment had interested me the first time. Internship 1974 at the Dialysis clinic in Berlin. Two years Physiology (circulation, acid-base-status, experiments). Back again in dialysis in 1977, co-worker of H. Hampl (2 papers in Kidney International concerning circulation behaviour during haemodialysis with left-heart-catheter). 1978 laboratory experiments to reach a bicarbonate dialysis generator (unpublished, try to handle the acidification). 1983 study with K. Schaefer concerning the CO2 elimination by the dialyzer during the acetate dialysis (Contrib. Nephrol.). In the clinic of K. Schaefer two years experiences with the prototypes of online-Hemofiltration of Shaldon. Consultant nephrologist since 1985 (clinic in Regensburg, Germany). Bag-hemofiltration on the ICU, several different equipment had put together for continuous dialysis on ICU. In 1992 senior consultant in a dialysis clinic in Ebersberg (near Munich, Germany). There I handled 1993 the first online-monitor. Also clinical work with the AFB dialysis (acetate free bio-filtration according to Bené). Clinical contribution to conversion of a bag-hemofiltration monitor from pressure driven mode into weight driven mode for continuous dialysis (> cvvH). Integration of this weight driven monitor into the MARS system (albumin dialysis (> Stange & Mitzner, Rostock, Germany, treatment of hepatic coma). My contribution was the integration of this monitor for severe ill patients, as this is a sterile treatment. Since 2001 the plan, to realize a bloodline with minimal contact between blood & air (> reduction of sheer stress in the dialyzer single fibre capillary). For this, partners were necessary (FF Becker (Bio-Physics) & RH Herbst (economist for dialysis), BHR company, patents, patent user, joint venture with BH Group (London Reading), pilot study at King?s College (London), PEMA Audit from London). Results are a big reduction of EPO dosage, as the patient?s own red blood cells have a much longer survival (commitments by Ian MacDougall, London). Naturally, I always had worked with every necessary clinical work with renal patients. Since 2006 I am working in summertime in a holyday dialysis unit in Nothern Italy (WBR dialysis in Lana (near Merano), belonging to DTZ / B.Braun-Avitum) and in winter at ViaMedis Riesa (B.Braun-Avitum), regular big outpatient centre. In Lana / Merano I use the citrate acidification in the dialysis fluid.

Research Interest