Dr. Suhas V. Vasaikar

Dr. Suhas V. Vasaikar
Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA, Email: Suhas.Vasaikar@bcm.edu


I am a research scientist at Baylor College of Medicine, USA, working in the area of cancer multi-omics analysis. I did my PhD in systems biology of neurodegenerative diseases from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Having a combination of computational research experience in multi-omics, pan-cancer analysis, and experimental research experience in cellular signaling networks. Currently I am working on resistance to targeted therapies and to discover combination therapies to overcome or forestall the resistance in cancer.

Research Interest

? Development of web based platform for disease data organization and analysis ? Designing tools for large biological data ? Computational models for biological networks ? Identifying drug targets and designing inhibitors ? Reconstruction of cellular signalling network and in vivo analysis