Dr. Saad El Sayed Mahdy

Dr. Saad El Sayed Mahdy
Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospital Limerick, Irland


I have been working as a locum consultant anaesthetist in the University Hospital Limerick since January 2011. In my role as locum consultant anaesthetist I have taken responsibility for the management of elective day case, orthopaedic including elective and trauma specially spinal trauma, breast surgery, vascular, GIT surgery and emergency stable and unstable patients. Participation in the Intensive Care Rota has given me an excellent opportunity to work at a consultant level in a tertiary hospital ITU achieving and maintaining all skills in relation to up-to-date techniques used in modern intensive care management. I have been involved on a larger scale in the provision of the perioperative echocardiography service at Mater Hospital, which includes procuring equipment, maintenance of equipment necessitating communication with engineering and the companies, audit, follow-up and teaching of other colleagues.


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