Dr Kamran Mahmood Ahmed Aziz

Dr Kamran Mahmood Ahmed Aziz Dr Kamran Mahmood Ahmed Aziz
Consultant Diabetologist and Diabetes Research Scientist, Aseer Diabetes Center, Aseer Central Hospital, Saudi Arabia


Kamran M.A. Aziz completed his medical graduation at Jinnah Sindh Medical University (Sind Medical College) in 1998, and post-graduation in diabetic medicine at Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Baqai University Hospital in 2003 (Karachi, Pakistan). He is a Professional Clinical Diabetologist, Diabetes Principal Research Scientist and Diabetes Investigator, currently working in Aseer Diabetes Center of Aseer Central Hospital, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia. Dr.Kamran has a vast experience in hospital and clinical teaching in diabetic medicine and has delivered more than 600 lectures in international diabetes conferences, seminars, workshops and clinical training programs. He has trained more than 1000 undergraduates and postgraduates as diabetologist using his case presentations and problem based clinical learning methods. He has also been invited as speaker in international conferences / congress and also has been invited by multinational pharmaceutical companies to present his published research on different diabetic medications. Dr.Kamran has been involved extensively in clinical research since 2000 and has authored several publications in internationally reputed and peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is serving as editor and editorial board member / Advisor of more than reputed 30 international Journals. He is also an expert Statistical Advisor, and Reviewer and advisor for various international journals like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Preventing Chronic Diseases (PCD), Government of USA; ElSEVIER Journals (Lancet, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice,an IDF journal, Advances en Diabetología, Nephrology, The American Journal of Medicine ; American Journal of Cardiology);Bentham Science Publishers (USA); Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy (New Zealand); Bio Med Central Research Journals (United Kingdom) and others diabetes and scientific research journals as well. He has also authored and written chapter "Functional and Healthy Foods for the prevention and Management of Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes" for the international textbook ""Introduction to Functional Food Science ? textbook, 1st Ed (2013)" (Available on www.Amazon.com) His research interest and main focus involves associations between different diabetic complications, such as neuropathy, diabetic foot, dyslipidemia, nephropathy, HbA1c, insulin secretion / augmentation estimation in type-2 diabetics at clinical, pathological and molecular levels. His researches also focus on Diabetics with Hypothyroidism and its associated complications. He has done research also on oral agents such as metformin, GLP-1 / incretin based therapies (DPP-4 inhibitors), oral hypoglycemic agents, and various insulins as well. Also he has worked and published research on Ramadan fasting. His original research articles can be found on PubMed. After the publications, his diabetes center has received award and 1st prize in diabetes research from Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Research Interest

Advanced Statistical Data Modeling in Diabetes Research and its Clinical Applications ? Associations between different Diabetic Complications (Neuropathy, Diabetic foot, Dyslipidemia, Nephropathy, Retinopathy). ? Associations of Biochemical Parameters in Diabetic State (such as HbA1c, Serum Insulin, Uric Acid, Creatinine, LDL-C, HDL-C, Cholesterol, Microalbuminuria and others as well). ? Testing Efficacy and Safety of Various Diabetic Medications (OHAs / Insulins) During Ramadan Fasting.