Dr. Anna Woodbury

Dr. Anna Woodbury
Lead Physician for Pain Management, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Atlanta, United States


Dr. Anna Woodbury is an anesthesiologist, lead physician for pain management, licensed acupuncturist and researcher at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Atlanta and assistant professor at Emory University. She has been a member of the Committee on Pain Medicine for the American Society of Anesthesiologists (2013-2015) and a member of the Pain Management Committee for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Atlanta. She has written book chapters, articles and clinical reviews on integrative medicine and its applications to chronic pain management, anesthesia and neuroprotection. Her clinical expertise and research interests include the use of interventional pain procedures and complementary and alternative medical therapies for the management of chronic pain conditions including fibromyalgia.

Research Interest

Pain Management, Anesthesiology, Acupuncture, Internal Medicine


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