Bruri Melky Laimeheriwa

Bruri Melky Laimeheriwa
Senior lecturer and researcher on Departement of aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universiy of Pattimura


Laimeheriwa is a researcher and senior lecturer in numerical taxonomist, genetics and fish breeding, quantitative genetics, computational biologist, aquaculture and marine biologist working at Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, and Maritime and Marine Science Center for Excellence Pattimura University Ambon. He found out Bruri's Curve and Coefficient. His research mainly focuses on numerical taxonomic, quantitative genetics, computational biologist, genetics and fish breeding and bio-image analyze. His latest research is the construction of numerical taxonomic model and determination of characters performance index of gold ring cowrie, Cypraea annulus Linn., 1758. The novel in the determination of the morphometric performance of kuwe fish, Caranx ignobilis on floating net cages in the inner of Ambon Bay, using Bruri's curve and coefficient.

Research Interest

The construction of numerical taxonomy models, genetics, and fish breeding, cytogenetics: analyze of the chromosome, mariculture; bioimage informatics, the determination of performance index of aquaculture biota; computational biology, phenotypic classification, and phenetic relationship study.