Benevides Costa Pessela

Benevides Costa Pessela
Tenured Scientist, Research Institute of Food Science, CIAL-Superior Council for Scientific Research, CSIC Madrid,Spain.


Born in Angola, Spanish Nationality. PhD in Biotechnology in Politecnic University of Madrid. Visiting Professor: University of Sao Paulo-Brazil, Federal University of Ceará-Brazil and Politecnic Institute of Technology and Sciences,ISPTEC-Luanda-Angola. Publications: More than 100 articles published in refereed journals, 4 patents transferred to companies, several chapters of books published on biotechnology, and several students of doctoral and masters targeting in my lab. Reviewer of scientific articles in different journals.

Research Interest

Protein engineering, Food microbiology, Biocatalysis Enzymatic, Screening of proteins, purification, immobilization and Enzyme Stabilization.