Bani B. Ganguly

Bani B. Ganguly
Head, MGM Centre for Genetic Research and Diagnosis, MGM New Bombay Hospital, Navi Mumbai 400703, India


I started research career in 1984 at the Center for Advanced Studies in Cell & Chromosome Research, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India in the field of genetic toxicology for assessment of genotoxic potential of industrial chemicals in vivo and in vitro with a view to measuring impact of environmental and occupational exposure on human health. In vitro toxicity of heavy metal tin (Sn) on human lymphocytes was assessed extensively on alterations of chromosome aberrations, sister chromatid exchanges, micronuclei and cell cycle kinetics and correlated with biological variables and culture conditions under supervision of Prof. Archana Sharma and Dr. Geeta Talukdar. Simultaneously, assessed genetic condition in methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas exposed population of Bhopal following the Bhopal Union Carbide accident in 1984. Continued the investigation on Sn in vivo in mice, and screened genetic damage in exfoliated epithelial cells as a measure of precancerous lesion in ?Khaini? (non-smoking tobacco consumption) at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India. Then, I switched to work on radiation mutagenesis and radiation bio-dosimetry involving FISH-painting and G-banding cytogenetics at BfS, Munich, Germany and Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India. Since 1999, got involved in developing the largest referral lab for clinical and onco-cytogenetics towards facilitating the diagnosis of birth defects, infertility, pubertal delay, prenatal diagnosis, and hematologic malignancies to the entire country and also neighboring countries. The lab received US-CAP accreditation in 2001 and later NABL, India. The work was challenging, rewarding, and also satisfying my father, who wanted my skill to be utilized for the mankind. Till date, I have reported >30-40000 diagnosis, majority of hematologic malignancies of different classes and subclasses. Simultaneously, got involved into assessment of laboratory accreditation for ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 standards, and very keen to launch proficiency testing in clinical and onco-cytogenetics in the country. I had instituted M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Medical Genetics and educating and guiding students of B.Tech/M.Tech/B.Sc/M.Sc curricula of several other institutions. Besides diagnostic activity, I am investigating current genetic condition in MIC-exposed Bhopal population post 30-years disaster as the Principal Investigator of an ICMR-funded project. So far, I have developed six cytogenetic labs for diagnosis and research.

Research Interest

Genetic toxicology, In vitro toxicity of heavy metal, clinical and onco-cytogenetics population