Aliyev Zakir Husein oglu

Aliyev Zakir Husein oglu
Professor, Doctor of Philosophy of Agricultural Sciences, Azerbaijan


Aliyev Zakir Husein oglu was born in 03/05/1949, in the family of an employee. In 1972 he graduated with honors from the Department of Mechanical Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. Po end of ASOA in 1972, in the face of a specialist with higher education being, a tendency to engage in research activities was taken in Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute (AzINMASh) for the position of Art . engineer in the department "wellhead", where he worked on 1975. In 1975, due to the results of earlier research papers employed in the profile of activities and thematic community ( study "inventory of land water resources, and the dynamics of its change." "" Structural changes of the earth "," Caspian Sea environmental problems, and the atmosphere surface air surface ", etc.) has been invited to work in the Academy of Sciences of Az. SSR. the Scientific Center "Caspian", which later functioned as the introduction of "Glavkosmos" of the USSR (now called the "Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency - ANASA"), where he worked on 1994. In the period of 1975-1994 years of working in the organization in various responsible positions (Head of Sector, Head. Laboratory, Head. Department, Ch. Technologist, Ch. Engineer Company, Deputy. Director of the plant, the plant manager, the head of the scientific-technical complex) involved development, creation and implementation of a number of scientific and technical projects and thematic programs for agricultural purposes including work performed by special resolution CM Az. Republic titled "Space of Azerbaijan national economy", which was one of the leading specialists in the direction of subjects. Occupying positions of responsibility in ANASA system, was the supervisor of a number of these projects (R & D) and many others participated directly in the face of the leading in the direction of, the results of which have been successfully implemented in all areas of agricultural production, not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other states CIS, Turkey, Iran. In 1994 he was invited to work in the Baku office VNPO "Rainbow" (now renamed the Institute of Erosion and Irrigation of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences of the Republic), worked here on the following positions: Head. Design department, director SKTB, Head. complex development department, creation and implementation of low-intensity irrigation systems, and now, and the Deputy Director of the Institute of Erosion and Irrigation of the Republic of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on scientific work, which is now. Huseyn oglu, have a degree d.f.a. sciences, associate professor, she is the author of over 200 published scientific works, including 10 and weighty monographs and more than 15 patents, many of which have found large-scale introduction in production of farmers and others. Farms both in Azerbaijan and in other CIS countries (bw Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia) as well as in Turkey, Poland and Iran. Taking part in the implementation of a large number of international scientific and economic projects implemented in the framework of the program, "FAO" "ICARDA", "Azerbaijan-Russia-Turkey". . "The Azerbaijani-Polish" and others, where he was executive in charge of development, whose works are also successfully introduced agriculture in many countries: in the CIS and far abroad. Given their contribution to the development of the agro-industrial science as a result of many years of scientific activity, in 1997 he was elected a member of. correspondent, and in 1998 a full member (academician) of the International Academy of Ecology and Natural Resources. In 2001 he was elected a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation The water problems. In 2014 he was elected professor of RAE, established the medal A. Nobelya.V 2015, the year for his significant contribution to the development of world science awarded Order «PRIMUSINTERPARES», etc.

Research Interest

Agrano-environmental problems resource saving, is the supervisor of the eponymous educational, scientific and university-academic direction of the study performed in conjunction with a number of scientific research institute on problems of development, creation and implementation of automation systems, low-intensity and optimize irrigation in the conditions of insufficient natural moist areas Azerbaijan, in order to develop agriculture and mining study the possibility of creating environmental technologies to combat soil erosion. Areas of teaching and methodological activities: Object-oriented design technology information systems, remote control systems of low-intensity agricultural irrigation; Modern distance education learning technology: problems and prospects and the fundamentals of irrigated agriculture on sloping lands. The initiator of the creation and implementation of new information and telecommunication remote control technology in irrigation systems and transmission of information to consumers through the Internet or satellite communication links.