Abeer Yousry Ibrahim

Abeer Yousry Ibrahim Abeer Yousry Ibrahim
Associated Professor, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Researches Department, Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries Researches Division, National Research Centre, Egypt


Dr. Abeer Yousry Ibrahim graduated in biochemistry from Cairo University. Professional career: Assistant Researcher (1996) in Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries Division, Researcher Assistant, Researcher and Assistant Professor (2012 until now). Scientific career is Therapeutic Biochemistry. She is a Member in sixteen projects in National Research Centre and two projects as principle investigator, two local project contracting with Egyptian academy of science and one international project as cooperation with Bulgarian academy of science. Published 32 research articles. Awarded the National Research Centre Excellence in Research output for 2011 and 2016 as well as best paper award from Molecules publisher (2015), Switzerland. Attended in seven training program (2010-2016) and taught eight training programs (2007-2011).

Research Interest

Therapeutic biochemistry including subjects of Biological activity (in-vitro and in-vivo techniques ), pharmacological experiments, natural products and phytochemicals.