Abdulltaif (Abed) Azab

Abdulltaif (Abed) Azab Abdulltaif (Abed) Azab
Institute of Applied Research, The Galilee Society, Shefa-Amr, Israel


Born and raised in an Arab (Muslim) village in northern Israel. Completed all my degrees in chemistry in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to a long career of 36 years in education, I worked for six years in the chemical industry (treatment of hazardous waste). In the last two years I work as a researcher in the Institute of Applied Research of the Galilee Society (www.gal-soc.org). My daily life main interests are: music, reading and social-political activism. Plants world has attracted me since very early age, for two reasons. One, my Late Grandfather (Mohammad) was a traditional herbalist, and two, since in our society there is an extensive use of plants for nutritional and medicinal purposes. Finally, I have travelled to many countries, met up with many people of different cultures, races and religions. This experience helped me shape a global point of view about our world.

Research Interest

1) Investigation of chemical compositions of plants that were not studied yet. 2) Studying the medicinal/biological activities of plants extracts, in collaboration with researchers from other institutes (two projects are ongoing now: anti-inflammatory and cancer activities, but more collaborations are more than welcome). 3) Environmental chemistry: treatment of hazardous waste and potential pollutants.