Abderrahmane Kaidi

Abderrahmane Kaidi Abderrahmane Kaidi
School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol, Biomedical Sciences Building, Bristol, UK


Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi is an Investigator and Senior Lecturer at School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol. His current research projects are on DNA damage response machinery and cellular mechanotrandusction, Nuclear actin polymerisation and genome organisation, Genome rearrangements during neuronal cell signalling and Nuclear topology. He has received funding?s from Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, The Royal Society, etc and has got many papers published in his name.

Research Interest

The nucleus, the defining feature of eukaryotic cells, is highly structured organelle that harbours the intricately organised genome in the form of chromatin. Disruption of nuclear structure and/or chromatin organisation is frequently associated with ageing, degeneration and cancer. Having recently discovered a pathway that allows cells to sense and respond to perturbation in chromatin organisation; we are currently building on this knowledge with the vision to understanding the two-way relationship between nuclear structure and chromatin organisation in health and disease. Additionally, we are investigating how the dynamics of nuclear structure and chromatin organisation are coupled to the cellular responses to genotoxic and mechanical stresses.