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Ergonomics & Human factors 2018

Archives of Medicine

ISSN: 1989-5216

Page 37

July 26-27, 2018

Rome, Italy



Edition of International Conference on

Ergonomics &

Human Factors


e must become and develop the leaders we’ve always

dreamed of… In life you may only get one chance to lead.

If you get it wrong, you may never get another chance, and your

cause, or operation and organization will fail, and you will never

have to worry about ergonomics, supervision, or leadership

again. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau

of Labor Statistics more than twenty million people willingly

walk away from their jobs each year, in the United States. They

don’t stay around long enough to become victims of accidental

safety mishaps or poorly planned operations. They quit. This

is a major problem for industries and organizations around the

world, and the smaller the operation the greater impact. The

cost of acquiring and training one new hire can drastically cut

into an organizations operating budget. It can force smaller

organizations into obscurity and influence them to shutter their

doors forever. It’s a major problem and it’s the result of poor and

ineffective leadership. Poorly trained and ineffective leaders are

a detriment to safe and efficient operations in the work place.

They are cancer to your organization which must be addressed

today, but what do you do? They are the reason why most of your

healthy, ambitious, and motivated employees and teammembers

quit each year. We can’t simply fire all of the ineffective and poorly

performing leaders in the world, but it’s an emergency which must

be addressed. In the US employers and organizations like yours

spend over $11 Billion Dollars per year to simply addressing the

symptoms of the problems; acquiring and training new hires. In

this presentation you will discover valuable solutions that get at

the root of the problem and learn practical ways to make your

organization ergonomically efficient from the standpoint of a

supervisor or leader on the front lines.


Ernie Davis is the founder and co-owner of Powerhouse Motivations

Coaching & Leadership Solutions, USA. He leads a highly talented team

of professional coaches and trainers in helping ambitious individuals and

organizations reach their maximum potential and profitability in diverse in-

dustries and organizations around the world. He is a member of the one of

the world’s preeminent leadership fraternities with roots in the United States

Naval Construction Force and has educated, trained, and developed ergo-

nomically responsible leaders in over 17 countries. He is an extraordinary

life and leadership strategist, motivational teacher, author, and entrepreneur.

His first self-help book, Pave Your Way to Victory, is expected to become a

best seller following its release in 2019. Ernie enjoys intellectual conversa-

tion, physical fitness, family time, and inspiring others to greatness. He is

an executive for several non-profit leadership organizations and has been

recognized on social media as The People’s Coach.

[email protected]

The ergonomics of leadership: Developing the

Leaders you’ve always dreamed of

Ernie Davis

Powerhouse Motivations Coaching & Leadership Solutions, USA

Ernie Davis, Arch Med 2018, Volume 10

DOI: 10.21767/1989-5216-C1-002