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Ergonomics & Human factors 2018

Archives of Medicine

ISSN: 1989-5216

Page 36

July 26-27, 2018

Rome, Italy



Edition of International Conference on

Ergonomics &

Human Factors


he agricultural sector continues to be an important component

of Algerian National economy in terms of their contribution

to GDP, and the number of work force. The Agricultural workers

suffer from multiple risks in workplace including bad organizing

of work. An ergonomics study was taken to evaluate professional

farmers posture using OVACO method (Working Postural

Analysis system), to determine different postures of work taken

by agricultural workers in planting task, arranging and classifying

in four categories depending by OWAS (Ovako Working Posture

Analysis). The study randomly applied to the sample of 30

workers in three stages: the first stage were represented in the

verification of existence of MSDs (Musculosketal Disorders) by

using interview form (Nordic type questionnaire) of Kuorinka.

The second stage was determined time of every task of farmer

tasks. The third stage was applied OVACO method to evaluate

the agricultural workers postures by photography. The results

suggest that there was three categories of postures: 1



natural and acceptable postures having any effect on MSDs. 2


Category: adjustable postures for damage at MSDs. 3



danger postures causing pains. The results indicate that the

curved posture was more repetitive, which classify in second

category in OWAS classification, this is due to bad organizing

of job and the place of seed scuttle which demand to workers

frequently bending. As expressed by the sample 95% take this

position as they work.


Zaki Manaoui completed his Postgraduation studies from University of Al-

giers 2, Algeria. He is currently pursuing Postdoctoral studies from the same

university. He is a Member in Prevention and Ergonomics Laboratory; a

teacher in El Oued University, Algeria.

[email protected]

Postural evaluation in agricultural workers

Zaki Manaoui



Hamou Boudrifa



University of Algiers 2, Algeria


El Oued University, Algeria

Zaki Manaoui et al., Arch Med 2018, Volume 10

DOI: 10.21767/1989-5216-C1-002