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Ahmed Haque

Ahmed Haque Ahmed Haque

Bioengineering PhD Candidate
Rice University
Dept. of Bioengineering
SensoDx, LLC, Scotch Development


Ahmed Haque is an Bioengineering PhD Candidate at Rice University. Developing a Web Application Framework for the Intelligent Storage, Relay, and Utilization of Health Data obtained via Diagnostic Medical Devices"​ As part of my PhD dissertation, I'm developing a web application framework for the capture of diagnostic information obtained on a new lab-on-a-chip platform. The framework involves implementing on-board software (C# / .NET) that adapts blood-based biomarker results into a cloud-based noSQL database (MongoDB / S3). A RESTful API then harnesses the aggregated records for top-layer, end-user applications (Angular / Node / Express) ranging in purpose from patient recordkeeping to population-based alerts to R&D and research analytics. Other projects completed: Developed user interface and back-end API for iOS mobile applications focused on cardiovascular heart failure intervention; Worked with physicians at the University of Texas San Antonio to create UI concepts for a mobile prostate cancer assessment; Developed CAD / 3D printed prototypes of low-cost, smart-phone and stand-alone biomarker sensing devices. Created data analysis applications using C#/.NET for a blood-based assay intended for NASA.

Research Interest

Biomedical Engineering

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